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At CartFuze, we are confused why so called eCommerce experts require a call to review their product.  Doesn't this defeat the purpose?  We believe our product is so easy and intuitive it sells itself without the high pressure sales pitch.  This is why we created a fully interactive demo site packed full of the core features manufacturing and distribution customers require for online revenue growth.

Review website features as products, even add to cart.  Use our credit card above with any Bill To address and check out!  Experience the complete online purchase cycle.  Add "LTL" product to see advanced LTL freight options or better yet, add (1) "Parcel" to see UPS rates...then edit cart adding (2) "Parcel" products to see the intuitive change to LTL.  This change allows customers to ship all products regardless of weight with instant accurate rate quotes with live PRO tracking.

Complex products?  Hard to find or search?  Try the easiest to use Fast Finders.    For example, G.E.T. or Ground Engagement Tooling is replaced frequently due to wear.  However no part identification remains and part is nearly unrecognizable when replacement is needed.  Working with the customer, CartFuze found unique identifiers and built a picture oriented search, also eliminating the language barriers.    

Worried about Sales Tax?  Exempt Customers?  G.A.A.P. (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) compliance required?  No problem.  Try it!  Enter a shipment for Georgia.  Tax will be calculated including any City/County SPLOST requirements. 

To assist you to get the most of a self guided demo, please see our highlights & instructions here --->>  Instructions


This site is an overview and by no means complete of the numerous options and features that can be developed for unique requirements.  

Try it.  Then contact us to see how CartFuze can grow your business with the most cost effective, non-proprietary eCommerce platform available.


Need help? We're available at(404) 737-7919 - Email:[email protected]
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